Swimrun Ranking

I’ll write this in English since it could be useful for non-Swedish people.

There are currently two ranking systems in the world of swimrun racing, each with a few modes:

Ötillö Swimrun Ranking is the main ranker used for World Championship merit applications and the World Series. The ”Swimrun ranking” lists the teams according to performance in both Ötillö World Series races and merit (partner) races. This ranking counts races during the last two years but fades older scores a bit. The sprint ranking is calculated from Ötillö’s own sprint races. World Series ranking is needless to say calculated from team performance in the WS races. At the end of the season teams on top in each category of the WS rankings win the World Series and the prize money that comes with that.

The ”individual indicator” is shown when you log in to the system and go to your profile. There is no ranking list based on this indicator but it is still important because it is the score used in merit applications for the Ötillö World Championship — one of the possible ways to get into the WC race in Sweden in September each year. Your score and the score of your proposed partner is added together to compare you to other teams wanting to get in this way.

The Salamander Ranking is a separate system not associated with the Ötillö organization. It is interesting in the aspect that it includes a whole lot of races from many countries and not only those of Ötillö and their partners. It also has a public ranking of individuals, something which Ötillö has decided not to feature.

World Series 2017 winners in women, men and mixed.
Ötillö World Series 2017 winners in women, men and mixed categories. My friends and genuinely nice folks Johan and Jocke of Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri there in the middle. Photo: Jakob Edholm / Ötillö.

Our standing I’ll have to squeeze in here. I’m competing with Tomas Granberg in the team Cartel AB. The 2017 Ötillö swimrun ranking is now final as all official and partner races are done. The Salamander Ranking still has a handful of races but I don’t except those to move the top of the ranking too much.

2017 Ötillö Swimrun Ranking top 10
We placed fourth in the 2017 Ötillö Swimrun Ranking (including merit races).

We only participated in one World Series competition and hence our World Series ranking is not worth a screen shot.

The Salamander Ranking 2017 top 10 preliminary as of 2017-10-02.
The Salamander Ranking 2017 top 10 preliminary as of 2017-10-02.

Not surprisingly there are a lot of Swedish names in the upper trenches. The sport originated in the Stockholm archipelago and many of the bigger races are hosted in Sweden. During the years to come, however, the top of the sport will probably become more diversified. Also, the World Series and rankings will probably become more competitive.

Today many of the elite athletes of the sport don’t care much about the World Series charts and tend to focus only on the World Championship, perhaps the WS race at Utö and some other major races. I think this to a large extent has to do with the fact that these people have conflicting interests of triathlon and multi sport events to tend to which still attract more spectators, sponsoring and prize money. After all, the Swedish scene of top endurance athletes is quite limited. Also, some of the top athletes keep changing teams throughout the season and thus do not score high on the team charts despite repeat podium finishes.


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