Evolution of winning times at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun WC

Winner times at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship 2009--2017 in men, women and mixed categories.
Winner times at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship 2009–2017 in men, women and mixed categories. Click to enlarge.

As you can tell, winning times in all categories of the swimrun world championship are trending faster. The race is getting more competitive every year, but times are also subject to the weather conditions of each particular race day. In 2017 running on slippery rock slowed teams down. Although waves were big this year, they where rolling in the right direction with the wind for the most part in the back.

Weather permitting, I think we are likely to see new course records in 2018.

Course records:

  • Men: 7.58.06
    Jesper Svensson (SWE) & Daniel Hansson (SWE) in 2017
  • Women: 9.32.03
    Kristin Larsson (SWE) & Annika Ericsson (SWE) in 2016
  • Mixed: 8.49.58
    Adriel Young (AUS) & Eva Nyström (SWE) in 2016

Data source: Official ÖTILLÖ results

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3 thoughts on “Evolution of winning times at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun WC

  1. Interesting indicator. After this year’s competition it is hard to say if challenging weather slows down the race. In my opinion it is crucial to know the ”ins and outs” of the course. In addition to a flawless fitness level and perfect teamwork, that will always be the a very central point to be effective and consequently FAST. Additionally this fact makes it very difficult for foreigners to win the race.

  2. Grym graf!!
    Kan vi få publicera den med hänvisning till dig?

    Kan du gå bak i tiderna T o M början?

    Maila i så fall till mig.
    Stort tack. M

  3. Markus, I agree! Several top teams have trained on the course during the summer leading up to the race. Some even to the extent that they know specifics such as on which side of individual rocks it is easier to exit the water. These details add up and create an advantage over people that haven’t even done the race before.

    Regarding 2017 I think most teams where slowed down by the weather. The winners in women and mixed where the same as the year before, but with slower times. This indicates teams generally were slowed by the very wet and slippery rock and roots. I don’t think people that haven’t done the race generally are aware of how much off-trail and gnarly trail there actually is on this course.

    In the men’s category, I know at least Daniel is famous for a remarkable off-trail speed and it seams Jesper could keep up too, so the weather penalty might not have affected them as hard as other teams. Also, the tight competition in this class this year pushed the speed. Although waves where high, winds to a large extent where in the back with the result that swimming wasn’t necessarily slower this year if you are confident in rough water.


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